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Facts at a Glance

  • Domain names purchase price: $15 per year.
  • No hidden costs - no internic fees - just $15/year.
  • Domains can be used with your ISP of choice.
  • Domains may be registered for a period of 1 to 10 years.
  • Additional services, such as email addresses and web hosting, are available.
  • FREE "Under Construction" home page included with all domain name purchases.

Essential Facts
for Domain Name Purchasers

Q. Don't domain names usually cost $70 for 2 years?
A. They used to. The recent deregulation of the domain registry business allows us to pass on incredible savings to our customers. Our price is only $15 per year. No additional fees!

Q. Are the domains purchased at DomainsDoneRight.com somehow less "official" than domains purchased at Network Solutions?
A. No. We follow the same procedures as Network Solutions for registering names, we're just less expensive - that's all there is to it!

Q. Can domain names purchased at DomainsDoneRight.com be hosted by the web provider of my choice?
A. Yes. You are the owner of the domain - you can host it wherever you like.

Q. Can I get web hosting and email services from DomainsDoneRight.com?
A. Yes, and at extremely competitive rates. Our parent company, Sierra Web Design, offers a variety of packages.

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